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Acupuncture Orlando in a nutshell - the healing concept, application, benefits and risks

In general terms acupuncture, including acupuncture in Orlando, it is a natural medicine modality that aims at improving health and decreasing pain. This medicine modality has been known for thousands of years and has had many followers ever since. The technique is based on the energetic balance principle; the acupuncturist assesses the energy flow in your body and stimulates carefully identified acupoints - in order to positively influence the flow of energy in the patient's body and hence significantly improve his or her wellbeing. Traditionally, it was performed purely via acupuncture needles that were the stimulants of the acupoints. Today herbs, magnets, lasers and low currents are used to enhance the traditional puncturing technique of acupuncture in Orlando.

Acupuncture Orlando - the application

Acupuncture became famous thanks to its pain relieving properties; various somatic and psychological conditions have been proven to be treatable with acupuncture. Nowadays, acupuncture is the most frequently chosen natural medicine modality because of its efficacy and benign treatment procedure. 

Acupuncture is mostly recommended for:

1. Neck pain

2. Lower back pain

3. Shoulder pain

4. Headache, Migraine

5. Stress/Anxiety/Depression

6. Hyperthyroidism

7. High blood pressure

8. Stroke

9. Epilepsy

10. Insomnia

11. Infertility

12. Menstrual Pain

13. Menopause/Hot Flashes/Night sweats

14. Asthma

15. Allergies

16. Assist Cancer Therapies

17. Alcohol Abuse

18. Quit Smoking

...And much more

Acupuncture Orlando - unquestionable benefits

Choosing to get acupuncture in Orlando may be the answer to your needs for rejuvenation, relaxation and pain management! Normally, while undergoing acupuncture treatments, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the needle insertion.

Other benefits worth mentioning:

- acupuncture is absolutely safe if the treatments is performed by a professional acupuncturist

- there is almost no risk of side effect

- healing properties of acupuncture can be fortified by other natural medicine modalities such as herbal therapy, cupping and Tui Na massage

- acupuncture effectively controls many types of pain

- it can be safely used by those patients who do not tolerate conventional painkillers

- it is an alternative for those who do not want to use conventional pain relieving chemical substances

Acupuncture Orlando - what are the risks or side effects?

When it comes to acupuncture, the number of risk factors are extremely low compared to conventional treatments. Nevertheless it is always prudent to make sure you are in the hands of professionals, who will perform the treatment according to their best knowledge, experience and highest standards. At Annshellay Health SPA and Fitness we never compromise your health - your health is the greatest good and we strive to deliver the best quality of acupuncture in Orlando.

Before deciding to undergo acupuncture session one should keep in mind that:

- patients who were prescribed blood thinning medicine should inform the acupuncturist during the pre-treatment interview

- bruises, irritation and local bleeding may occur around the acupoint - where the needle was inserted

- in very rare cases (and only if performed but non-professionals) the needle may break and damage the internal organ

- if the needle is not sterile it may cause infection

Find out even more about acupuncture in Orlando!

We invite you to explore the Annshellay Health Spa and Fitness website where you can find out more about acupuncture in Orlando and other health and fitness services we offer. Get in touch so our professional staff will advise you which natural medicine modality will give best results in treating your condition. Book your appointment today!

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