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Annshellay Health Spa and Fitness

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Why Alternative Medicine?

A basic principle behind many kinds of alternative medicine is balance. Acupuncture, including acupuncture in Pine Hills, tai chi, and various forms of energy medicine are designed to bring the body into balance, which in theory, can help restore health. Recently, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) reported that about 38 percent of U.S. adults and about 12 percent of children are using some form of alternative medicine.

Here are some of the reasons:

◦ Whole-person treatments- A key difference between traditional and alternative medicine is that most forms of alternative medicine emphasize whole-body care. Practitioners of alternative medicine address not just the physical body but also the patient’s emotional and spiritual health.

◦ Personal attention. Because of the emphasis on whole-body care, alternative medicine practitioners often offer patients a great deal of personal attention. Traditional physicians can be strapped for time and pressured by insurance companies and packed waiting rooms. Alternative medicine practitioners, because of different philosophies and fee structures, typically place greater emphasis on one-on-one attention.

◦ Focus on prevention. Another draw to alternative medicine is its focus on prevention. Whereas traditional medicine tends to intervene once disease is present, many types of alternative medicine encourage patients to have “well visits,” treatments that are focused on preventing disease before it occurs, in addition to being cared for when sick.

SPA Orlando Hydrating Facial

Most Popular

SPA Orlando. Annshellay's favourite: Nourish dry, dehydrated skin that has become dull, patchy and flakey. AHSF's hydrating facial treatments immediately nourish and hydrate the skin to relieve tightness and fine lines. Gentle exfoliation removes dry skin cells, and allows the rich face treatment oils and long-lasting, replenishing products to deliver hydration deep into the skin. Soft, supple skin is revealed and dehydration kept at bay.

$80 for 1 hour

Acupuncture Orlando

Most Popular

Includes free consultation, Orlando acupuncture treatment, food therapy recommendations and tuina massage.


$100 for 1 hour

SPA Orlando - Aromatherapy Foot Bath

Most Popular

Begin your luxurious foot treatment by soaking in a very warm foot bath, enhanced with the addition of minerals such as Borax, Epsom salt, baking soda, sea salts and French clay powders. Add herbs and flowers such as rose, chamomile, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. These will release their therapeutic scents and look beautiful floating in the water. Also add a few drops of relaxing and soothing essential oils to complete this indulgent blend

$35 for 30 mins

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Annshellay's Events

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.


Manicure Monday- $10 manicures by appt only. 


Transformation Tuesday- Free consultation by appointment only. Start your full body transformation today.


Wellness Wednesday- Free blood pressure check and fitness assessment by appointment only


Tongue diagnosis Thursday- Free tongue reading every Thursday by appointment only. Learn what your body is saying based on Tongue diagnosis. 


Fabulous Friday- Start your weekend off right with our signature spa package 20% off by appointment only


Slay Saturday- Laser Lipo $45 per section every Saturday, by appointment only.